Our Mission, Culture and Values

At Champion Teamwear, our mission is to “Make it Personal" for our customers and team members by working smarter, harder and faster. We call our employees “team members” because we promote a culture where "We know what it takes to be a team!" We also put a priority on our core company values. We use these values to guide our growth, our brand, and our customer service strategies. Our values incorporate the team spirit by being a PLAYER, working on the TEAM and WINNING together!



Travis Lovette & Jeff Brown

“Being accountable means doing what you say you're going to do, no matter what. Throw out all the excuses. One of my favorite quotes is ‘Stop Wishing, Start Doing.’” - Travis Lovette


Desiree Martin & Melanie Miller (not pictured)

“It means I am very approachable and willing to learn.” - Desiree Martin

Demonstrates Courage

Casey Cassel & Nick George

“Demonstrating courage is speaking up when something isn't right and not being afraid to share your input and ideas.” - Casey Cassel


Communicates Effectively

Kennedy Rogers & Cory Meadows (not pictured)

“Communicating effectively is about making sure those you are communicating with understand the information you intended them to know and actively listening to them in return.” - Kennedy Rogers

Relates Well to Others

Ben Ruder & Mallory Ayers

“Relates well to others means treating everyone you encounter with genuine respect. When you're able to be genuine in every interaction you're able to have that trust that allows you to ‘Relate Well to Others.’“ - Ben Ruder


John Keller & Jessica Garvert

“Collaborating with others means that you are striving to make each other better. As a result, the team's whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” - John Keller


Drives for Results

Megan Kellner & Andy Schmitz

“Driving for results means proactively working with all relevant team members to execute and organize our goals.” - Megan Kellner

Solves Problems

Christina Schultze & Andy Luedders

“I enjoy learning and challenging myself with information that is new to me. Problem solving is about asking questions and digging into root cause in order to really improve or make an impact on the things we do. Enabling curiosity helps to find answers that work.” - Christina Schultze

Executes Effectively

Laura Benfer & Syd Ruiz

“Executes Effectively is about coordinating resources and people to complete necessary projects with a sense of urgency. This value is what keeps Champion Teamwear running smoothly and ensures that we are able to meet our customer needs in a timely manner.” - Laura Benfer